The Phoenix Philosophy “Leap Of Faith” EP Review

As a long-time Shiny Toy Guns fan, I was immediately reminded of their album We Are Pilots upon hearing The Phoenix Philosophy’s new EP, Leap Of Faith. The Minneapolis, band has a flare for writing textbook up-tempo pop rock, skillfully incorporating electronica, synths, and some of the catchiest vocal hooks. These pop-rockers play music designed to get audiences up and dancing. Once you get the lyrics down, it’s only a matter of time before they have you jumping and singing along.
Leap Of Faith is The Phoenix Philosophy’s fourth EP and a step towards solidifying the band’s musical direction. Throughout the album there are effervescent moments of shimmering instrumentation, heightening the EP’s allure and captivating the listener from the very start. These guys have taken a unique approach to weaving pop anthems into catchy, melodic synth songs. The EP opens with its title song “Leap Of Faith,” which can best be described as catchy-as-hell with a slew of amazing hooks. This song will definitely leave you singing along whenever you hear it, and the rhythms add a perfect bounce to the beat. “Lose Control” is another super catchy song, and halfway through you’ll be repeating the chorus. It’s a bit repetitive in places, but overall bouncy, feel good, and will definitely get you up and dancing.  “Until It’s Over” was the most reminiscent of Shiny Toy Guns, and my favorite song off the EP. It has a harder rock sound laced with synth-pop sounds, and it is further enhanced by some stellar vocal performances from Jesse Weber, Daniel Schmitt, and Stephanie Thorup.  The soaring vocals and slick beats of “Burning Romantic” compliment the guitar very well. It attaches a mellifluous beat to some quavering synths, creating a unique and fresh sound. “Stars In The Sky” is the final song off Leap Of Faith. It’s a bit slower, but in no way a ballad. The guitar lead the way in this song, and the drums and synth mesh well in the background. This song, unlike the others, doesn’t feature the same electro sound as much, but it was awesome none the less.
At certain points the music can sound a little repetitive, even leaning on vacuous, but overall Leap Of Faithis a fun, danceable, delectable work of synth-pop rock. I strongly recommend this EP to anyone who’s a fan of Shiny Toy Guns, The Sounds, Metric, or synth-pop rock in general. If the band’s mission is to get people dancing and singing along to feel good music, I’d say they’ve done a picture perfect job!
-Lauren L.

One response to “The Phoenix Philosophy “Leap Of Faith” EP Review

  1. Cunnil March 2, 2013 at 3:48 PM

    Ermahgerd! I just want to eat them up like cuppy cakes.

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