Before You Exit “I Like That” EP Review

Florida based band Before You Exit consists of three brothers. Connor, Riley, and most recently, Toby McDonough make up the up and coming pop trio. Their sound has changed drastically since the bands foundation. They have worked with phenomenal artists such as Alex Gaskarth, from All Time Low, as well as writers for many famous bands in their quest to find their niche. They have a cover of “Some Nights” by Fun. (you can watch here) which sounds great and definitely deserves to get checked out. In their new EP, I Like That, the band now has a distinct sound. Each song on the EP brings an instant smile to the face.
The EP travels through the boys chasing, winning, and losing relationships. It begins with “A Little More You”, a song about spending more time with a special girl. It is incredibly sweet and reminiscent of Stereo Skyline’s “Me & You” with its soft pop sound and super cute love song lyrics. “End Of The World” is another happy love song, with an extremely catchy chorus. Songs like “I Like That”, a catchy pop song best described as another take on the story of “What Makes You Beautiful” by One Direction, build up the trio’s boy band reputation and are definitely aimed at the teenage girl crowd. In “Settle For Less”, the boys believe a girl is dating the wrong guy, and they would do better as her boyfriend. “Soldier” is a nice change of pace amongst the faster, upbeat tones that come from the rest of the EP. In this song, the boys finally win the girl, and the slow song about a protective, loving boyfriend is definitely one of my personal favorites from the EP. My other favorite, “Three Perfect Days” is a great closer, a breakup song about a girl who just considered their relationship a fling.
Any fan of One Direction, the Jonas Brothers (and yes, we all went through that phase too), or Stereo Skyline will go crazy for the McDonough boys. Give it a little time; I think I know who the obsessive fan girls will be going after next.
-Kanitta K.

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