Armory Infirmary “When Ships Were Wood and Men Were Steel” Album Review

I’ll be honest, normally when a song comes on the radio and it’s defined as Christian rock, I laugh and then switch the dial. Up and coming band, Armory Infirmary, are categorized as Christian melodic hardcore, a seemingly contradictory sounding genre of music, but don’t let the Christian aspect fool you, Armory Infirmary is freaking HEAVY! The band, which formed in 2008 and went through a series of set-backs, has persevered to continue their mission to spread the word of God and heal the spiritually broken.
I had the opportunity to listen to Armory Infirmary’s latest musical creation, When Ships Were Wood and Men Were Steel, and it definitely surpassed my expectations of the standard Christian hardcore sound. The album, set to be released March 2013, features a wide array of heavy metal riffs, power chords, and in-your-face breakdowns. It starts off with “A Trap Door”, which utilizes a cool voice-over to relay the band’s overall message. The song is jam packed  with heavy screams and some amazing drumming. “Arsonist” is a great track off the record, potentially a fan favorite. The vocals compliment the music in a great way, and are very reminiscent of Confide’s Ross Kenyon. “Arsonist” has a solid bass and guitar backbone, working as a perfect support element. Fans will enjoy the song for its energetic speed and great clean vocals in their respective parts. My favorite off the album was “What Do You Have to Hyde, Dr. Jekyll”, which was intense from start to finish. The screams were immediately grabbing, and the track is full of ups and downs that keep you hooked. The lyrical message about not giving in to your inner demons is powerful, and can be appreciated by a wide audience, not just Christians. The title track “When Ships Were Wood, And Men Were Steel” has some great positive notes, such as well-worked layered screams, chugging breakdowns, and catchy riffs. The final song off the album is an acoustic track, which was refreshingly unexpected. It ends the record on a high note, beautifully soothing and well-versed.
Armory Infirmary is a band that is passionately promoting what they believe in. If you’re a fan of Confide, For Today, or other Christian melodic hardcore bands, you’ll definitely enjoy what these guys are bringing to the table. They are Christian without always seeming it, even though many of their songs have spiritually poetic elements. Armory Infirmary is not necessarily just for Christians, because they are packing a positive message that can be easily shared among people of any faith.
-Lauren L.

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