Spots Review

Spots is a solo acoustic pop artist. His name is Mike Schiavo, he is 18 years old and from New Jersey. He started his solo project in 2010 and is said to be very passionate about it. His songs are about his nostalgia and his past. I really think that a lot of people can relate to his lyrics considering they are about life in general and the basic day to day struggles. His music is extremely catchy, unique and well crafted.
Not only does he create his own music, but he covers other songs as well. Some of his covers:
People will come to realize that Spots is a very underrated artist and deserves more recognition for his unbelievable talent. His lyrics are completely raw and emotional and tie in well with the mood of his music. I would suggest giving “Not Right” and “When I Was Younger” a listen.
-Desirae B.

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