As They Burn “Will, Love, Life” Album Review

As They Burn formed in 2007 with the members made up of vocalist Kevin Traoré, guitarists Hoby Arinosy and Fabio Meschini, Ronald Pastor on bass and Milton Bakech on drums. Together they created one of Paris’ very own metal bands with insane growls and the ever so popular chugging effect in their tracks that is truly set to blow anyone’s mind. This is proven in the bands newest release, Will, Love, Life, out February 19th, 2013!
After only listening to the first couple of seconds to the first track on the album, “Medicine 2.0,” my mind instantly heard the similarities and influences incorporated into the song from British metal core band Bury Tomorrow, and after this I first thought the album would continue this influence throughout, however I was proven wrong. The tracks following this, “Origin,” “Dream Collapse,” and “The Conscious Man,” all made me instantly think of bands such as Motionless In White, Bullet For My Valentine and also Betraying The Martyrs, who also happen to be from France.
With all of the influences from these bands merged together, chopped and changed into making them sound familiar, yet original,  As They Burn have worked hard to give the audience the type of music they want to hear. Using this mix it helps their music appeal to a wider audience which also helps the “target market,” meaning, that although one track may not be someone’s “cup of tea” another track, going further into the album, may appeal to them.
Any fans of the bands listed throughout this review should definitely give this album a chance. As stated before, one of the tracks may not be exactly what you’re looking for, but give it time and listen to the whole album from start to finish. I promise you that there will be at least one track on the album that you’ll love!
– Emma D.

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