Winslow “Left of the Right Direction” Album review

Wielding a well-merited title of, “Cleveland’s Best Local Band,” Winslow has really brought a fantastic sophomore album to the table with Left of the Right Direction. With an unbeatable sense of style, the six-piece band manages to move in several musical directions showing that they are not going to be held back by genre labels. What’s incredible is that their creative diversity doesn’t hinder their unity in any way. Whether the song features a noteworthy saxophone hook, a smooth bass-line, a keyboard groove or an aggressively overdriven guitar solo, the songs all keep a sense of identity.
Although the band’s signature sound (a mixture of funk, soul and jazz in a pop friendly atmosphere) can be heard on tracks like, “Ain’t That A Shame,” and “Clarity.” A strong sense of rock influence shines through the outstanding, “Alone Tonight.” The album also features moments of well-deserved cool down, such as in, “Mo’s Joint.” Singer Maurice Martin shows what he can do best in, “Last Goodbye,” which featured a suspensefully dynamic vocal arrangement. This is music anyone could enjoy as it exudes a sense of belonging; a quality that is timeless in my humble opinion. All in all, Winslow’s new album really hits the spot despite being just slightly askew of any direction.
-Paul W.

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