Stephen Krypel “Skin Deep” Single Review

For a seemingly endless plethora of solo artists currently trying to make it in the music industry, there seem to be only a handful worthy of capturing your attention. Stephen Krypel, a new young solo artist from Chicago, may be a part of that small handful of promising musical talent. His gritty alternative rock sound is comparable to artists such as From First To Last, Kill Hannah, Avion Roe, and Madina Lake. Working alongside Joel Faviere, Krypel has released a new single, “Skin Deep,” which showcases Stephen’s skill as an up and coming musician.
Krypel’s single, “Skin Deep,” is a good introduction to this young artists musicianship. It is a single with a catchy melody, memorable chorus, and great guitar and vocal performances. The beautiful melody is paired alongside passionate, meaningful lyrics.  “Skin Deep” is a deep, angsty story, but still relatable for most audiences. The song talks about living in a tough, possibly abusive situation, where people, with expectations set too high, constantly put you down and make you feel like a failure, “I cannot comprehend this life you’re living in, bleeding to please their shameful greed.” The chorus chimes in to reassure that the pain and pressure of the situation may wear you down on the outside, but if you can get away from it, your beauty  and strength on the inside can shine, “ I know inside you’re strong, this is not where you belong, cause I see where beauty lies. Not skin deep, it lies within her eyes.” Apart from the well-written lyrics, “Skin Deep” displays great instrumentation and some pleasing guitar solos.
After listening to “Skin Deep” and checking out some of Stephen Krypel’s other work, it’s probable that this kid is going places. He’s a talented lyricist with a great voice, and “Skin Deep” definitely does its part to showcase just that. This solo artist definitely has potential to go far, so I highly encourage you to check out “Skin Deep.” I’ll definitely keep an eye out for more of Stephen Krypel’s releases.
-Lauren L.

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