Joel Faviere “Nobody” EP Review

One of the greatest aspects of being a music fan is being able to invest our emotions into our favorite artists. For fans of Joel Faviere, there is already enough of his own passion in his recordings to match up to the largest fan bases around. It’s always refreshing to hear new music from someone who you can tell genuinely cares for his craft. Joel’s Nobody EP exhibits a minimalist approach to production which preserves some of his signature characteristics as a performer in a pure and beautiful way. Dark themes, abrupt piano, an impressive vocal range and dynamics that will have you falling out of your chair are just a few consistent elements that paint this picturesque EP.
Starting out with, “Sweetie,” Joel puts his talents on display in a song that can make you wonder if he’ll be able to pull it off again. Have no fear though, for the five following tracks each put their own flavorful spin on the same success.  “He’s Not Different,” addresses an unfortunately relatable circumstance that can really show his audience how well he understands their realities. “White Mercedes,” brings more sustain to his piano parts which is a welcome change that makes this song stick out. “Stupid & Anxious,” brings frustration to the table. This track comes alive in a very unique way as Joel’s vocals in particular push his already devoted sense of dynamics to the brink of ear-splitting insanity. This is reconciled with a (I can’t say happy) more uplifting sonic texture dancing through, “Heaven Is A Place on Her (Face).” The EP is concluded with perhaps the most directly personal sounding track which truly captures the emotive vulnerability that comes with being a songwriter, “I’m Fucking Crazy, But You’re The One Who Made Me.”
-Paul W.

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