A Scent Like Wolves “Step 4” Single Review

Photo credit: Krista James Photography
A Scent Like Wolves is a currently unsigned, five piece metalcore band, hailing from Bethel, Pennsylvania. In 2011 the band released their first EP Just Trying To Be Happy, proving that this little known gem is a group of solid musicians, who know and can play their instruments highly proficiently. A Scent Like Wolves recently debuted their new single “Step 4”, which is both a well-crafted showcase of musicianship and songwriting.
“Step 4”, which is a single off the band’s new album …And The Story Goes said to be released sometime in early 2013, has all the elements that every great metalcore song needs:  awesome guitar riffs and a well-placed breakdown, a catchy chorus, and a lyrical message with some depth. In “Step 4” the guitars are heavy, the drumming is solid, and the vocals are first-class. Lyrically the song contains a powerful meaning that is easily relatable. The message that “Step 4” relays  is all about ignoring the people holding you back from your dreams, and truly going for what you want without having any regrets. “These dreams can shatter like glass. This hope can melt like ice. But now my heart’s a stone and my only vice”, the chorus maintains that it’s easy to lose hope if you let your critics affect you, so ignore them, follow your heart, and seize the moment. This is a pretty powerful message and a very fitting one for an up and coming, unsigned band currently trying to make their mark in the alternative music scene.  “Step 4” also features a great vocal performance from Chris Fronzak of Attila, a fine addition to the single.
Personally, what I loved most about the song was the lyrics, the topnotch clean vocals, and great drumming. The impressive combination of those elements made for a very enjoyable listening experience. The boys in A Scent Like Wolves should be very proud of what they have created. If you’re a fan of post-hardcore or metalcore, check out this song, because you will not be disappointed. Can’t wait to see what’s next and where their music takes them!
-Lauren L.

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