Westland “Intimacy Without Intricacy” EP Review

Westland has brought us a gem with their new 6-song EP, Intimacy Without Intricacy. For those alternative rockers out there who aren’t afraid to throw a little pop into the mix, this one’s for you. Producer Shep Goodman seems to have a knack for finding great groups to work with and these boys are no exception. Being able to fit in with modern pop rock and keeping the air of a 90’s adult alternative band is quite the challenge! Westland ably keeps us involved for not only the pleasantries of our sonic fixations but also the emotional aspects that make any music fan stick around as a loyal fan for life. With the distorted guitar lines we all take comfort in and the diversity of pianos and other keyboard controlled instruments, Westland takes the experience of a full length album and condenses it into Intimacy Without Intricacy. The only question that will come to mind once the EP has run its course will be something like this; “Where can I get some more?”
Starting off with “Steady Now,” this EP takes no time in warning the listener that the time to get moving has arrived. Following is “Jack and Coke,” a captivating performance of dynamics from every member of the band. This is the track that, when played live, will please anyone who brought a lighter to the show.  “For The Moment Star” has a rhythm section that embraces the borderline punk angst that is faithfully duplicated in the vocal performance by singer Aaron Bonus. “Bleed” is a pleasing soft spot on the EP with a bridge that is definitely a mark of the talent to inspire what all serious alternative rock bands need to succeed. A welcome addition of organs and strings color “Too Late,” which is a great sing-along for anyone with the relatable issue of an opportunity having passed in their life. The EP concludes appropriately with “Slowly,” where the production of vocals and drums shines through the mix. This song introduces more atmosphere, completing the experience by lifting the listener away to a more transcendental state of mind bound to leave anyone satisfied.
-Paul W.

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