The Plot In You “Could You Watch Your Children Burn” Album Review

The Plot In You are Landon Tewers, vocals, Ethan Yoder on bass, Josh Childress and Derrick Sechrist on guitar and Cole Worden on drums. They are from Findlay, Ohio and are signed to Rise Records. Currently, they are on the “Brothers of Brutality” tour and are touring with Whitechapel, Emmure, Unearth and Obey The Brave. With their first album “First Born” released in 2011, they are taking the whole metalcore scene by storm. The Plot In You is only just beginning with their success and from the looks of it, their fans want to see more from them (with me being one)!
Their new album named Could You Watch Your Children Burn is releasing on January 15th, 2013. This album in a nutshell is raw emotions, lyrics from the heart, hard hitting riffs and skull shattering beats. You can tell this album was more than well thought out and that each member put in 110% to make this album what it is. Throughout all of the lyrics, each member pours their heart out. Landon shows these emotions throughout all his vocals, even harsh. His singing and screaming isn’t just that, there’s more to it; you can tell by the way he delivers every word that comes out of his mouth. I’d have to suggest listening to “Premeditated” and “Digging Your Grave” considering out of the whole album, I think those two songs are the most hard hitting and insanely merciless. Just read the lyrics and see for yourself!
“I only wished you could see the look on your mother’s face. You’ve truly broken her heart. I rest my mind so she can finally sleep at night.” — Premeditated
“What were you expecting? You know that I’m so cold and “my emotions are aimless”.
You don’t stand a chance; you don’t stand a f**king chance, prick. I won’t control myself this time and I will laugh in the face of the f**k that betrayed me” — Digging Your Grave
With this album, none of the members held anything back. They expressed themselves in each and every way that any artist should and would want to. I can’t stress enough how extremely brutal this album is and I could honestly say that I’d expect this from The Plot In You because of the extraordinary talent that each member of this band holds. I really can’t wait to see bigger and better things to come from The Plot In You!
– Desirae B.
Check out all of the tour dates for the Brothers of Brutality Tour!
Tour Dates:
Jan 08              The Valarium  Knoxville, TN
Jan 09              Masquerade Atlanta, GA        Tic
Jan 11              Fitzgerald’s Houston, TX
Jan 12              The White Rabbit St Marys, OH
Jan 13              The Door Dallas, TX
Jan 15              Sunshine Theater Albuquerque, NM
Jan 16              Nile  Phoenix, AZ
Jan 17              House of Blues Los Angeles, CA
Jan 18              Soma San Diego, CA
Jan 19              Glasshouse Pomona, CA
Jan 20              Oakland Metro Oakland, CA
Jan 22              The Knitting Factory Spokane, WA
Jan 23              Hawthorne Theater Portland, OR
Jan 24              Studio Seven Seattle, WA
Jan 26              In the Venue Salt Lake City, UT
Jan 27              Summit Denver, CO
Jan 29              THE DEN Calgary, Canada
Jan 30              Avenue Theatre Edmonton, Canada
Feb 01              West End Cultural Centre Winnipeg, Canada
Feb 02              Brick Minneapolis, MN
Feb 03              Mojoes Chicago, IL
Feb 04              Skully’s Music Diner  Columbus, OH
Feb 05              St. Andrews Hall Detroit, MI
Feb 06              Danforth Music Hall Toronto, Canada
Feb 07              CLUB SODA Montreal, Canada
Feb 08              Palladium Worcester, MA
Feb 09              The Chance – Eat Your Heart Out Fest Poughkeepsie, NY
Feb 10              Theatre of the Living Arts Philadelphia, PA
Feb 11              Irving Plaza New York, NY

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