Terra Terra Terra “The Space We Create” Album Review

Lakeland, Florida’s pop rock trio, Terra Terra Terra, have come out with a new full length album that retains their indie, soft rock roots while moving in a new direction that will definitely please mainstream audiences. The power pop threesome, which formed in 2007 and signed to Round Kid Records in 2008, believes that The Space We Create captures a sound they can confidently claim as uniquely their own. Primarily written by vocalist/guitarist, Loren Taylor, and bassist, Matthew Lowry, with recording help from drummer, Tyler Jordan Soucy of a  Great Big Pile of Leaves, the new album is definitely a leap in the right direction for them, and a display of well-crafted musicianship.

Overall The Space We Create combines the catchy pop rock sound, similar to anthemic groups such as Kings of Leon or Coldplay, with soothing, ambient instrumentals. It is a meticulously made record, showcasing the band’s range of musical capabilities. Both lyrically and instrumentally, The Space We Create is utterly breathtaking, offering listeners moments to sing, reflect, cry, and grow. One of the opening tracks off the album, “Angel”, is a perfect taste for what is to come on the rest of the record. The song is packed full of pop guitar hooks and infectious lyrics, easy to sing along with. The song has a really nice, mellow flow and Taylor’s soothing vocals are a perfect match.  “Burn”, my favorite off the album, combines the pop rock sound with an ambient, symphonic quality reminiscent of Manchester Orchestra.  The song offers slick guitar and bass playing paired with Taylor’s honeyed vocals, dripping with emotion and passion. The warm, full sound and passionate build-up are fabulous.  “The Only One” is another great track off The Space We Create and may arguably be its best. “The Only One” starts off with an airy, harmonious, atmospheric feel and soars into the familiar instrumental and vocal driven rock sound. The song is a definite crowd pleaser as it is full of emotion and intricate changes; and all around brilliant arrangement.  The final track and the album’s namesake, “The Space We Create”, nicely wraps up the record.  A wonderful wave of mellifluous and soaring vocals and guitar work, the song is simply a solid way to end this beautiful piece of artistry.

I thoroughly enjoyed The Space We Create, and recommend it for fans of indie, instrumental rock, and pop rock alike, as it utilizes the best elements of all three genres.  The album is a showcasing of beautiful music that has been beautifully created and methodically produced. The songs are not just your typical shallow, catchy pop anthems, but are lyrically and instrumentally cerebral and poignant displays of musicianship. The Space We Create captures a wide range of emotions, with ups and downs all over. I cannot wait to see what’s next from Terra Terra Terra and am eager to see where their musical journey takes them.

-Lauren L.

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