Hostage Calm “Please Remain Calm” Review

There are many who would say that the modern generation of punk is nothing compared to what previous decades have brought us. People who say this need to grab a copy of Hostage Calm’s album, Please Remain Calm. Hostage Calm not only fits in as a potential pack leader of the punk scene of today, but they also pay homage to previous decades in terms of wide varieties of influence that really shine through their driven, passionate attitude. With this resulting creativity, they manage to pull together a collection of songs that are creative and expressive while maintaining a catchy, definitive style. Please Remain Calm is a must have for those young people growing up in this frustrating world.

The best part about this album has got to be the variety. “Woke Up Next To A Body,” shows that 70’s punk and modern rock can get along just fine with the right amount of angst. For pop-punk fans, please see “Closing Remarks.” Not feeling the traditional rock instrument vibe? “The M Word” will provide enough brass and strings to pack a full marching band into your speakers. Speaking of marching, the drums throughout this album are impressive enough to inspire an army of youth. “Patriot” is a lovelorn song that can really bring together those who share in a sense of lost pride in their country with group vocals alone. For a taste test of everything punk music can offer in one album, grab a copy of Please Remain Calm.



Jan 06 – 89 North      Patchogue, NY w/ I Am The Avalanche

Feb 07 – The Sinclair   Cambridge, MA

Mar 08 – Stone Pony   Asbury Park, NJ

Mar 09 – The Met Café Pawtucket, RI         w/ The Wonder Years

Mar 10 – Upstate Concert Hall Clifton Park, NY     w/ The Wonder Years

Mar 12 – The Basement Columbus, OH       w/ The Wonder Years

Mar 13 – Irving Theater         Indianapolis, IN

Mar 14 – The Pyramid Scheme Grand Rapids, MI   w/ The Wonder Years

Mar 15 – Turner Hall Ballroom         Milwaukee, WI

Mar 16 – Fitz Spare Key         Elmhurst, IL

Mar 18 – The Aquarium Fargo, ND    w/ The Wonder Years

Mar 19 – Sokol Underground Omaha, NE    w/ The Wonder Years

Mar 20 – The Firebird  St Louis, MO

Mar 21 – Downtown Music Hall Little Rock, AR     w/ The Wonder Years

Mar 22 – Zydeco         Birmingham, AL

Mar 23 – The Roc Bar at Brewster’s  Jacksonville, FL

Mar 25 – The Soapbox Wilmington, NC

Mar 27 – Empire West Springfield, VA        w/ The Wonder Years

Mar 29 – The Harmony Grange        Wilmington, DE

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