Crown The Empire “The Fallout” Album Review

One year after releasing their first album Limitless, the Texas band Crown the Empire are back and looking to attract a new audience with their newest album The Fallout. Having listened to Limitless before (and it being one of my favourites in my iTunes), I was definitely excited to see what new material they had to offer. With the addition of a new vocalist, David Escamilla to sing (or scream) lyrics alongside the original vocalist Andy Leo, the band seems stronger than ever.
“The Fallout” is an instant follow-on from the first song on the album, “Oh Catastrophe”. The heavy riffs and drum beats are catchy. The lyrically sung chorus gives something for everyone to sing along to straight away which adds contrast to the songs.
“Menace” is a personal favourite of mine; the slow and steady intro from the strings builds the anticipation, which is then taken over by the guitar and steadily transferred to insane guitar riffs, followed by vocals from David. The strings at the beginning of this track give it a unique feel from the others and is one of the reasons as to why it is a personal favourite. “Johnny’s Revenge” is the highly anticipated “sequel” from the song “Johnny Ringo,” which was featured on their previous album Limitless. With a fast paced chorus which included screaming and singing from the two front men, the uniqueness continues into the bridge section which features a unique piano section which was one of the main features, that I found interesting, from the band. The song ends with a strong and super simple guitar note which makes the listener feel like there are more songs to come adding to the anticipation.
After buying this album and giving it a listen (more than once), my respect (and love) for the band has grown much more since their release of Limitless and is, in my opinion, one of the best albums I have heard in 2012. There is an amazing future out there for this band, keep your eyes open!
-Emma D.
And if you haven’t seen their extended music video for “Oh Catastrophe” you can check it out here:
Part 1:
Part 2:

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