The Sentinel “Banishment Spell” EP Review

             The Sentinel is a five piece melodic death metal band with members Brandon on vocals, Jared, Charlie and Austin on guitar and Kyle on drums. They formed in Dayton, Ohio and are currently unsigned, which I find absolutely unbelievable considering how each member of the band is extremely talented with what they do, and they show it very well in their new EP, Banishment Spell. All their upcoming shows are in early-mid December in Ohio, so if you live around the area where the venue is located, I definitely recommend going to see them because it would definitely be worth it.

          The Sentinel is a band that is really hard to come across because a lot of music sounds generic in the music industry these days. Their new EP would have to be one of the greatest that melodic death metal would have to offer. You can just tell by the quality of the sound, instruments, vocals and lyrics that each member of The Sentinel worked as hard as they could to make this EP. It is beyond me how underrated this band is, it’s actually quite ridiculous. If you’re considering giving this EP a listen, I suggest listening to “The Throne” or “Omnislash”.

Here’s some lyrics from both of those songs:

“Betraying his innocence guilty for vengeance, the jury sang for lies to blame into a world of illusions.” — The Throne

“My heart now sealed in stone and it’s eroding. The dark abyss has swallowed me whole. Over the eternity, I’ve forget the feeling of the light. Here, I will thrive on darkness.” — Omnislash

          I assure you that if you take the time out of your day to listen to The Sentinel, you won’t regret it. Their sound is so new, refreshing, distinctive, and not to mention, NOT repetitive (which is an issue nowadays). Go ahead and check them out and definitely give their new EP, Banishment Spell a listen when it releases!

Check out some of their upcoming tour dates!

Sunday, November 25
Dayton, OH,


Sunday, December 2
Cincinnati, OH
Q’s Dungeon


Monday, December 3
Cincinnati, OH
Q’s Dungeon



Saturday, December 15
Germantown, OH,




Check them out and give them a “like” on Facebook!

-Desirae B.


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