The Art of Attraction review

Whether you stand out from the pack by creating your own sound or ensure that your songs don’t allow for too much simplicity, creativity is as equally important in many cases as expression is. The Art of Attraction blends both of these creative qualities and there is no better example of this than their new song, “Escape to the Cape.” The band’s image of renowned sophistication doesn’t simply come from their appearance. These gentlemen have crafted a song that radiates a sense of culture, both lyrically and sonically. The themes of the song run their course through its entirety despite the wide variety of sonic change.

“Escape to the Cape” starts off slowly and quietly. Once the haunting instrumentation sets in, hushed vocal lines whisper poetically inside the atmospheric introduction. As the listener is pulled into this abysmal melody, the vocals and percussion progressively take to the foreground in proper rock fashion. Suddenly, the sound dies and the shrill lead vocals carry in a powerful verse that only becomes more razor sharp as the chorus takes form and the air of mystery shrouding the song is traded for a direct, clear message. If it weren’t for the excellent layering, one might think the now distorted guitars had been playing a different song entirely. Naturally, this is not the case and the intended diversity of sound involved in experimental rock is achieved through the seamless tradeoffs of these styles. It’s easy to lose track of time with a song that brings so much to the table from gorgeous, ethereal aesthetic to multiple rock hard climaxes. The Art of Attraction has certainly earned their name with this siren song.

-Paul W.

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