Issues Black Diamonds review

Do you miss the old Woe, Is Me? You’ll be happy to know that previous Woe, Is Me members Tyler Carter, and Michael Bohn have formed together to create the band Issues, with the addition of Ty Acord on keyboard, AJ Rebollo on guitar, and Case Snedecor on drums. Issues released their debut EP, Black Diamonds, on November 13th, 2012 and their cover of Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” was also featured in Punk Goes Pop 5. I was really impressed when listening to the Justin Bieber cover Issues did. They even added some lyrics at the end of the song, adding their own style and personality to the popular song. Issues’ songs have a catchy feel, with Tyler Carter’s soulful voice, flowing hip-hop with metalcore roots. Fronz from Attila did guest vocals on their heaviest song, “Love Sex Riot,” adding even more flare to Issues’ musical style. Even this song, being the heaviest, has a hip-hop feel to it with record scratches, etc. Issues’ new songs make you want to sing along; it is impossible not to tap your finger to the beat when listening to this great album. I like the fact that most of their songs start off smooth and sultry with Tyler Carter’s voice, and then Michael Bohn comes in and catches you off guard with his rough, unclean vocals. The background sound effects and electronicore also catch my attention, making Issues’ songs even more appealing. I do feel that some hip-hop parts that Tyler Carter throws in are somewhat random, but at the same time, it flows nicely. Overall, I think this is a solid album that Issues and previous Woe, Is Me fans will appreciate.
-Kristi K.

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