Motion City Soundtrack Making Moves review


Does anybody else miss that early 2000’s alternative rock sound? Anybody feel that pop-punk’s been getting stale recently? What if I told you that both could be cured with only three songs? Motion City Soundtrack’s record label, The Boombox Generation, is co-releasing a three track 7-inch with Drexel University’s MAD Dragon Records as a part of MDR’s series of releases, Making Moves. With production sessions curated by Motion CitySoundtrack members, these university students have been put to the test and have excelled with this 7-inch consisting of two new original songs by Motion City Soundtrack as well as a cover performed by them. Starting it off is, “Severance,” a track that takes a unique approach to producing a sad song. The production emphasizes atmosphere and dynamics as Justin Pierre’s vocals lead an alternative rock hit, complete with epic guitar solo, that is as arena friendly as it is relatable to the individual listener. I particularly love the layering of instruments and vocals that enhance the grand feeling created by the song. Following up is a refined pop-punk song, “Major Leagues,” about what one feels upon looking forward when they’ve achieved so much already, appropriate for such an accomplished group. The instrumental arrangements are very impressive and the energy is always flowing. I applaud the fantastic drumming by Tony Thaxton. Finally, we are treated to a cover of Rilo Kiley’s, “Pictures of Success.” With enough reverb to make the listener forget about gravity, the group ably displays just how significant artists can help inspire each other’s performances. I’m glad to see that, sticking true to the emotive aspect of the original song, Motion CitySoundtrack has decided on a minimalist approach with no moog synthesizer for the track and a lack of full drum kit implementation. Be warned, this song might drag a tear down your face if listened to in a lonely setting. Altogether, this 7-inch is for fans of emotive and superbly crafted music. Those students at Drexel deserve an A+.

For more information on Making Moves, please visit:
-Paul W.

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