My Cardboard Spaceship Adventure “Farewell” Single Review

Pittsburg’s pop rockers, My Cardboard Spaceship Adventure, have unleashed a new three minutes of epic music that has my visual media player dancing with joy. From the first seconds of the new single “Farewell,” frontman Dan Becker’s sincerity soars within stellar singing that’s enough of a hook to grab the attention of a small country. These vocals are accompanied masterfully with doubling, harmonies, and powerful gang vocals that keep this melancholy hit grounded in the best modern pop punk fashion. With colorfully creative synth lines running under the driven guitar parts, there is variety to spare which ensures that repetitiveness is a nonissue as fans of MCSA have come to expect and newcomers will find refreshing. This dynamic performance is destined to have audiences spellbound as they defiantly embrace the powerful yet relatable lyric content. This single has everything music fans love from honesty and energy to uniqueness and unification. So grab your nearest cardboard box, apply headphones and takeoff with a fond farewell.

-Paul W.


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