The Acacia Strain “Death Is The Only Mortal” Album Review

On October 9th, The Acacia Strain released their new album, Death Is The Only Mortal, on Rise Records and reached no. 50 in the US Billboard 200 giving the band their highest chart placement to date. There is no denying that this band is definitely one of the heaviest bands around on the scene at the moment, and this is proven in their newest album. The whole record was produced and engineered completely by their guitarist Daniel Laskiewicz.  I think that he has done an outstanding job on completing the album; the guitar riffs and solos seem “present” in all of the tracks and don’t get lost and stuck behind the drum track.

Having listened to all of the records released by the band, Death Is The Only Mortal is by far my favorite out of them all. I feel that the album sounds significantly better than older songs. It seems as if the bandhas taken elements from older work and fused them together to help the band create their best and heaviest album to date.  The guitar parts seem to make the songs flow due to the many pitch bends and the “chug” effect that is also included in many songs released that is classed as “heavy”.

Different topics such as murder and cannibalism are covered throughout the album, it is definitely one of those records that you should listen to when you are having a bad day and need to let out aggression and anger. The lyrics in Death Is The Only Mortal can play with emotions at times which adds to the overall intensity of the album! Listening to this is like walking through a dark forest at night, full of hatred. If you are a fan of heavy music, then definitely give this album a listen!

-Emma D.


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