Larzz “Love This Life” EP Review

There’s a war for the dance floor between electro and pop; and as the smoke clears, Larzz appears. Bringing an experienced hand to the craft after extensive touring with the band Show Me The Skyline, a star has been born. Larzz’s EP, Love This Life, is a collection of four instant hits that will be playing out of speakers on every dance floor around the world soon enough. Starting with, “Lose Yourself,” the listener is brought to the party scene with some vintage synth sounds to compliment a shaking beat. Onto the title track, positivity floods  through the stereo when this mid-tempo anthem takes the listener into a state of mind where anything is possible and love rules all. With “Party Up,” it is clear that more good times are to be had. The fun, upbeat pop song shows off a stylish touch of electro that makes for a uniquely danceable experience. Finally, “Parasite,” adds some danger to the mix while maintaining style and general feel good sound. This track shows that Larzz is fully capable of bringing both consistency and flexibility to his brand of dance music. By the end of this EP, you’ll feel like you’ve been partying all weekend. Luckily, it’s only been four tracks and you’ve got enough time to live life to its limits. You’d better have that replay button ready.
-Paul W.

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