Echo Movement Review

Summertime’s over, but that state of mind you feel when embracing all the love that exists in humanity, seashores and sunlight, can be with you always with the right music. Starting out with the soothingly original instrumental piece “Rising Sunset,” you’ll immediately know that you’re in for a special treat.  If you’re a lyric buff however, you need only be patient until the second track, “Spaceship Earth,” a tempo-changing ska song that will have you singing and hopping along in no time flat. If the consistent ska tracks seem to be getting old, have no fear. Echo Movement’s got some originality up all sixteen sleeves which you’ll love to hear in the delightfully trippy, “Love and the Human Outreach.” This song alone is a miracle of musicianship, making it proper to have the rest of the album named after it.
Echo Movement is keen on ensuring that those who seek love get their wishes granted and their hearts set ablaze to the tempo. This 8-piece band is not afraid to be flexible with their masterful set of instruments. The word to know is harmony, as you’ll be feeling it while you bask in the vocals, guitars, keys and gorgeous brass section. With witty lyrics and a catchy flow, Love and the Human Outreach is an unbeatable album for fun in the sun, under the stars, or anywhere with someone you love.
-Paul W.

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