Car Party “Patterns” Review

After the recent success of the single “Please Me”, Car Party has announced the release of their new EP, Patterns, will be October 16th. If you like the sounds of fun American alternative pop rock, then this is a record you need to get your hands on. The Baltimore natives are quickly proving that they have some true musical chops and definite staying power. Car Party mixes an edgy, harder rock sound with yearning melodies that pull at your heart strings, comparable to The Get Up Kids, Jimmy Eat World, Reggie and the Full Effect, The Starting Line, or Hit The Lights.  Patterns is a true testament to the band’s cohesive maturity and creativity.
The EP opens with the song “Foolproof”. It starts off a bit slow, but gradually crescendos into a beautiful mix of powerful guitar and intricate drumming. The song also showcases the intensely, wonderful vocals of lead singer, Michael Natzke.  Car Party kicks things up another notch with the insanely catchy “Dollar Sign”.  The song seems to directly sing at you, and the infectious “whoas” will leave you singing along. Things begin to slow down with “Hopeless”.  “Hopeless” really does a tremendous job at displaying each instrumental component, starting with a melodious introduction on the keys followed by pounding guitars and slick drumming. “Patterns” starts off soft and melodious, but crescendos into the full Car Party sound that we’ve come to love.  The amazing vocals truly drive this heart-warming, sentimental piece. The song has good mix of softer sections with hard-hitting power chords. Patterns concludes with “When You See Me”, which rounds out the EP perfectly. The strength of Natzke’s vocals throughout the entire EP is definitely a high point.
Car Party’s combination of alternative pop rock and pop-punk work remarkably well, and Patternsfully captures that energy and sound. All in all, Patterns is catchy, upbeat pop rock that showcases Car Party’s talented song writing, powerful vocals, and well-crafted musicianship.  On October 16, be sure to check this album out, you won’t want to miss it!
-Lauren L.

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