In Fear And Faith Album Review

After selling 46,000 records on two full-length albums, In Fear And Faith (Rise Records) returns strong with their twelve track, self titled album. The San Diego post-hardcore band definitely put a lot of heart and soul into this record because I would say it is their best yet. The album has a mix of heavy guitar, raspy shouting screams, and clean singing chorus’. Anyone listening would definitely say it sounds reminiscent of Attack Attack’s recent album This Means War. The album is also for fans of Woe, Is Me, A Skylit Drive, and Of Mice & Men. The album features the single, “The Calm Before Reform”. This song is a good example of what you can expect from the rest of the album. It features screaming from guest vocalist Dave Stephens of We Came As Romans. What separates In Fear And Faith from most bands in the genre is their use of piano. There is a lot of soft piano and synth throughout the album which gives it more of a dark sound. Track 8, “Enigmatic”, is a four minute piano interlude in the middle of the album.  The lyrics overall have the angry and frustrated tone to them as can be expected in this genre. “Dream Catcher” and “You Had Your Chance” are two songs that you have to check out on the album. Those two tracks are put together very nicely. Both are a little less than four minutes long and have that angry vocal sound over some fitting guitar with clean vocals, splitting it up very well. Overall, this is a good album. If you enjoy the post-hardcore genre, then this is something you have to check out! You can catch In Fear And Faith on the Inked Music Tour this fall supporting Alesana!

-Charlie F.


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