Mixtapes “How To Throw A Successful Party” Review

Imagine that you’re sitting around with some of your best buds, and someone grabs a guitar and decides to have jam session. It’s one of those chill, serene moments that you can seem to lose all sense of time and being. Well, this is exactly the feeling that Mixtapes’ new acoustic EP How To Throw A Successful Party evokes. Mixtapes uses their unique, indie pop-punk sound to create a light-hearted and artistically interesting record. From the track titles to the instrumental components, Mixtapes’ artistic choices come together in one incredibly well-crafted, complete musical package.
All of the songs are short and sweet, but very polished. The opening track “10AM(How to Successfully Start the Day)” is a perfect opening to the album, and sets up the feeling for the rest to come. Right off the bat, powerful male and female harmonies are displayed. Their voices pair perfectly, and are extremely soothing to listen to.  Two of my favorites from the EP were “2PM(How to End Something Good) and “4PM(Stupid Famous Quotes).” I loved these two tracks both for their beautiful melodies and their lyrical content. They have an almost teen angst feel and they definitely capture true adolescent emotion.  The EP concludes with the aptly titled “5AM(How to Throw a Successful Party).” This final song, for which the EP is named, is upbeat, catchy, and arguably the most poppy song off the record.  It is a well-chosen ending for an all-around meticulously designed EP.  If Mixtapes can continue to make wise, artistic choices like these, then they are sure to be very successful!
-Lauren L.

2 responses to “Mixtapes “How To Throw A Successful Party” Review

  1. tinksaysboo October 25, 2012 at 1:47 AM

    Love this review. I am going to reference it in my New Music Tuesday post next week 🙂 – Kat

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