Widow “Desperation” Review

So recently I have ventured in to the realm of promotion in its entertainment sense and decided to start booking shows in the Houston TX area. A local band hailing from ‘round these parts by the title of Widow recently lent me their newest single to review. Hardstyle is really prevalent in the scene here and that’s what Widow plays. “Desperation” displays this genre well. From the second it drops the song is in constant motion and great riffs are being tossed in and out of your ears. I’d like to bring particular attention to on part of the song.  The main breakdown in the song is really well anticipated with increasing rhythms and such up to a very nicely reverbed guitar panning riff. Then Ty’s great vocals just add the metaphorical cherry to this hardcore-dance/mosh-friendly sound. Then a really great drop. The rest of the song is really groovy and bouncy and just generally awesome to listen to. The last breakdown is literally just as awesome as the first. The song is excellently produced as well. So go give them an ear.

Stay Metal \m/

-Trey T.

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