Bella Terra “Dream Catchers” EP Review

Bella Terra, a five piece band from California, released their new EP Dream Catchers on August 27th. This EP is a follow-up to Kingdoms, which was released by Bella Terra last year. The band is currently unsigned and has produced multiple EP’s since they were founded in December 2010. All of these newly released songs were produced by Joel Piper of Confide. The EP contains three songs “Generations,” “Limitless,” and “Rat-Race”. Although the EP may be small, it certainly doesn’t disappoint. After having these tracks in my iTunes playlist for three days, I found myself listening to it a lot more than other music that is within my playlist. This EP is definitely one I would recommend to everybody reading this. The song “Generations” is definitely my favorite off the EP and I would happily listen to it over and over again. Deep, meaningful lyrics in this song can be related to, by many. “This is everything that we stand for, a chance to prove to you everything will pay off with odds against us” are a particular favorite of mine. The epic guitar riffs and the flowing lyrics are two of the main reasons to why I love this track. Although I have singled out one as my favorite, all three songs deliver amazing guitar riffs and flowing vocals to help make all three of the tracks outstanding. Bella Terra seems to have similarities with bands such as Of Mice & Men, A Day To Remember and We Came As Romans. If you like any of these bands then go and get Dream Catchers. Bella Terra have delivered an EP that certainly won’t let you down!
-Emma D.

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