City Rain “Montage” EP Review

City Rain is an underrated band and in my opinion after this EP, they’re going places. City rain is Ben Runyan and Jarrett Zerrer, a two piece electro-pop band from Philadelphia. I would definitely compare their sound to La Roux and LIGHTS. All the instrumentals, lyrics, and rhythms are extremely refreshing and uplifting. Every song is so unique and different in its own way, with their heartfelt vocals and outstanding keyboard riffs. The boys of City Rain have really stepped up to the plate with this EP, I would say. Not only do you have to appreciate all of the fun and electronic beats, but look deeper into the lyrics. I would definitely recommend that you give “Hearts On Fire” and “Montage” a listen.

All in all, Montage is a well-rounded and impressive EP. They balance heart-dropping vocals (which left me speechless with goosebumps), elaborate synths, and flowing guitar riffs extravagantly. Runyan and Zerrer are both two extremely talented and onliest men, and made this EP probably one of the best released this year from their genre. I really hope to hear more from City Rain and would easily give this EP a rating of 4 out of 5!

-Desirae B.


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