Of Mice & Men deluxe album review

Of Mice & Men, a popular post-hardcore band, recently put out a re-issue of their previous album The Flood. A re-issue that’s highly anticipated within the hardcore music scene due to the departure of Shayley Bourget earlier this year. However, this did not seem to stop Of Mice & Men from putting out ground breaking music. Though doubted from the start, the 4 new songs without Shayley Bourget featured on Disc 2 of the album proved that Of Mice & Men were ready to take this new image head on, and surely did not disappoint.
Their entitlement as one of the most talented musicians was not hindered by Shayley’s departure, as shown on Disc 2. Disc 2 definitely shows the harder side of the Of Mice & Men we all know and love, with similarities to August Burns Red & Bring Me The Horizon, Austin Carlile takes on a completely new image in my eyes for his unshaken and flawless vocals throughout all 4 new songs. Not only Austin but Phil, Alan & Valentino all achieve a new level of talent. Disc 2 is both strong in lyrical and instrumental aspects. With lyrics that define the word “power”; the pre-released single, “The Depths”, contains lyrics like “I’ve been put down for way too long, ‘you’ll never be good enough!'” A favorite line of mine.  The rest of the disc are indisputably one of the stronger albums of Of Mice & Men, and definitely did not disappoint fans. It is definitely worth the money to buy the physical or electronic CD, probably even good enough to buy two!
-Aidan M.

One response to “Of Mice & Men deluxe album review

  1. Jm July 29, 2012 at 7:49 AM

    Dude thanks for the review. I feel more confident that I won’t waste my money.

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