A Great Big Pile of Leaves – Making Moves 7-inch

The indie pop-rock group hailing from Brooklyn, A Great Big Pile Of Leaves, have been turning out tunes with sophisticated melodies reminiscent of Say Anything, The Morning Of, Saves The Day, Something Corporate, and their good friends Motion City Soundtrack.  In 2010 the band released their first full length album, Have You Seen My Prefrontal Cortex?.  The album showcased the band’s heavy jazz influence and some phenomenal, ethereal guitar lines, garnering a group of diehard hipster fans.  In February 2012 A Great Big Pile Of Leaves announced that they would be releasing a joint EP through MAD Dragon Records and The Boombox Generation, Motion City Soundtrack’s new record label.  The 7-inch will be part of the Making Moves series and widely available on July 24th.

The new Making Moves 7-inch contains two tracks and one delectable bonus track. The EP opens with the song “Pet Mouse”, where Pete Weiland’s airy voice meshes perfect with the upbeat, catchy guitar hooks. The song has a well-polished, ambient quality to it, giving it almost a folky sound. “Pet Mouse” is a soothing tune that is able to relax the body and mind, all while leaving a smile of satisfaction on one’s face.  “Writing Utensils” has a much fuller sound than “Pet Mouse”. It’s the crescendo of the guitar lines and crisply executed effervescing hooks that are definitely what make the song.  “Writing Utensils” has a level of sophistication to it, not often heard in indie pop, making it a true pleasure to listen to. “Ambiversion” is the final track off of the 7-inch. It’s an acoustic piece, delicately stripping the song down to its bare bones. The track is dreamy and ethereal and a delightful ending to a well-rounded EP.  A Great Big Pile Of Leaves is an urbane indie pop group, whose pleasantly cerebral and well-polished songs are sure to please any scenester fan. For great experimental, indie pop-rock,  be sure to check out A Great Big Pile Of Leaves!
-Lauren L.

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