Memphis May Fire “Challenger” Album Review

Memphis May Fire’s last album was a fantastic one with ripping guitars and wicked drums, accompanied by Matty’s silken cleans and rugged screams. Their latest album Challenger is nothing short of the greatest sequel this band could have possibly offered to their fans.
Everything instrumental about this album screams “MMF”. The guitars are very technical in parts that seem to come with the majority. The drums are fun to follow and are perfectly done again this time around. The entire band did a fantastic job writing this music.
The lyrics to this album ring well with the truth of music’s real meaning. The lyrics to the intro track, “Without Walls”, are amazing as are the lyrics to track 3, the single, “Prove Me Right”. The lyrics to track 4, “Red In Tooth And Claw” scream of a love that ruined the word. The following tracks are all amazing as well. Track 7, “Miles Away”, is a ballad about missing the ones you love while on the road, sung, in majority, by none other than Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirens. He did an incredible guest job on this album. “Losing Sight”, the tenth track, is along the same lines, telling of a man questioning his faith in his work. This song featuring Danny Worsnop of Asking Alexandria only improves its worth.
All in all, this album is worth its weight in a metal-core fans closet of signed merch. It sells itself on musical talent and lyrical masterpiece. The only thing you should do when this album comes out is buy it. End of story.

-Trey T.


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