“Midnight Youth- World Comes Calling” Album review

 While they have only been around for a few years, Midnight Youth is quickly becoming one of New Zealand’s biggest rock bands. With a combination of catchy hooks and upbeat, rousing choruses, the band is creating amazing, high-energy rock songs that are sure to become arena anthems. In 2011, Midnight Youth released their album World Comes Calling, which has captured the band’s high energy and passion for music.

World Comes Calling has a very grandiose, full sound. Throughout the album you can hear the influence of 80’s power rock, with sounds similar to Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, or Scorpions. The album opens with the song “The Street”, which makes full use of the big, arena rock sound. It boasts some amazing drumming and a rousing chorus that’s easy to sing along with. “Down Inside” showcases Midnight Youth’s awesome guitar work. The song is a bit heavier than some of the others on the record, but the intricate guitar pieces just elevate it to a whole new level of greatness. “Come One Come All” may be my favorite off World Comes Calling. It’s a more melodic piece, but it still has plenty of heavy and powerful riffs. What’s great about “Come One Come All” is the rich, amazing vocals from singer, Jeremy Redmore. “Who Said Your Free” almost has a punk feel to it, with assertive lyrics and aggressive, in-your-face guitar riffs.  The title song “World Comes Calling” captures the whole essence of the album, perfectly. It is powerful, passionate rock with clean vocals, performed at its finest. The album ends with “French Girl”, which again encapsulates Redmore’s beautiful vocals. The song is a little bit slower, but it rock’s just as hard as the others and is a perfect ending for a well-rounded album. 

-Lauren L.

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