The Graboids “Aftershocks” EP review

Aftershocks Cover Art

If you want to hear some good, fast-paced, choppy guitar, punk-revivalist jams, then you need to check out The Graboids. The Graboids are a garage punk band, hailing from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Heavily influenced by the sounds of Black Flag, The Ramones, and The Dead Kennedys, the band plays wonderfully messy and infectious punk rock songs. The Graboids have a Ramones feel, but with more songs about boobs and beer.  In perfect punk rock fashion, much of the lyrics are about over-indulgence. Between songs about drinking too much, smoking too much, and partying too much, the band has created punky compilations that definitely incite chaotic, wild revelry among fans.   

In July 2011, The Graboids released a five track EP, Aftershocks. The music is very evocative in tone of some punk groups, such as The Vandals, Guttermouth, JFA, or The Angry Samoans. The melodies are fast-paced, catchy selections infused with jokes about drinking, smoking, and good old rabble-rousing. Aftershocks opens with the song “11.57”, a delightful song filled with catchy guitar hooks.  The Graboids take a light-hearted approach to what could be a subject, putting a humorous spin on blowing money on smoking blunts and being an addict. “Skate” was one of my favorites off the EP. The song has the intensity of a hardcore punk song with the melodic guitar riffs and vocal harmonies, reminiscent of JFA in their early days. “Skate” is loud and fast, and it literally makes you want to grab a board and hit the skate park.  “He Can’t Help It” and “Flip ‘Em the Bird” are testaments to The Graboids’ ability to write some pretty darn funny lyrics. The lyrics are just the right mix entertaining, offensive, and incredibly silly. The songs aren’t all jokes and gimmicks, they have musical chops as well, with powerful guitar riffs and powerful drum beats. The final song on Aftershocks is a cover of, fellow Canadian punk band, The Hanson Brothers’ “My Girlfriend’s a Robot”. The Graboids do the punk song justice, and put their own catchy twist on it.  Overall the EP is a fantastic sampling of true garage punk tunes, and it has been one of my favorites to review. If you like spot-on, real punk rock, then go check out The Graboids, you will not be disappointed! 

-Lauren L.

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