The Night Life Q&A

1. How did you all meet each other?

Jay, Sam, and I have all gone to the same school for 4 years now and we’ve all done our separate things musically until Jay and I started an acoustic band a couple years ago that lasted for about 6 months. After that ended we started doing individual projects until we decided to work together again in November of 2011 in which we added Sam Medicis on drums, lead guitarist Logan Bosecker, and Bassist Easton Walker. Sadly both Logan and Easton have recently left the band due to personal reasons but we have no hard feelings towards them. We are still great friends and appreciate each others musical abilities. Due to these recent developments we are holding auditions for guitarists and bassists. Check out our page for the details.

2. Which bands have had the most influence on your music or way of writing?

Every Avenue, Mayday Parade, John Mayer, and The Maine are major influences in our writing style.

3. Which member is most likely to get caught in an awkward situation on stage?
Jay is most often in situations where if it were other people it would be awkward but we have an outlook that prevents us from feeling awkward. No matter what happens we’re going to leave it all out on the stage and give it 200%.

4. What is your favorite and least favorite part of touring?

We haven’t toured much but the favorite part is getting new people to listen to our music and hearing new feedback. The least favorite is definitely the travel on the way back because we’re tired and cramped but it’s so worth it.

5. What was the craziest fan experience you’ve had?

We had recently released our first single in an acoustic video by the time we played our second show and it was so flattering to see that during the choruses we could see everyone singing along after such a short time of having it released.

6. If you could have anything happen at one of your shows, what would it be?

Our ideal show is where the venue is packed and everyone is singing and having a good time.

7. Assign roles to each member – who’s the mom, dad, son, etc.

Jay would be the dad with the tough love. I’d be the mom with the soft love yet tough when I need to be. And Sam would be the son.

8. If your band was a product, what would your slogan be?

Less Is More.

9. Do you do anything special before a show? Any pre-show rituals?

I watched a video called Funny Guys by Sleeping With Sirens in which it shows their tour life. In the video it shows Kellin Quinn back stage getting himself pumped up by jumping around and yelling “I’m in a rock n roll band!” and we took that as inspiration to get us pumped and we do that before shows now.

10. What do you want fans to get out of your music?

We want them to have a good time, get addicted to our tunes, and become inspired.

11. What do you have planned for the future?

We’re going to be planning tours, recording a second EP mid summer, playing lots of shows and just having a good time with the people that enjoy our music.

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