Run On The Sun “New Empire” EP Review.

If you’re looking for a new, alternative rock band, that can deliver both a powerful rock sound and soft, emotional ballads, then you need to check out Run On The Sun.  The up and coming group, which hails from Greenwich, Connecticut, is pumping out catchy, alternative rock songs, which are emotive and uplifting. I would compare their piano-driven, rock sound to bands such as The Script, The Fray, and Augustana. What truly amazes me about Run On The Sun is that they are able to capture so much depth and maturity in their music, and yet they’re only in their teens!

This past February, the band released their debut EP, New Empire, which showcases their signature piano, rock sound.  The EP opens with their title song “New Empire”. The upbeat rock song is positive and inspiring; a perfect start to a mellifluous musical journey.  While “New Empire” is just a taste of what is to come later, the song offers intricate guitar work combined with the elaborate, melodic keyboard. “My Name” and “She Is My Truth” highlight the band’s determination to understand what it truly means to love and be loved.  The songs’ cute, poetic lyrics about longing and being love-sick are catchy and relatable to almost everyone.  “Moonlight” was by far my favorite track off the EP. The charming ballad is calming and beautiful, with a sound as smooth and sweet as honey.  Brett Steinberg’s soothing voice pairs well with the acoustic guitar. “Moonlight” makes brilliant use of awesome hooks and clever piano and bass lines.New Empire closes with “Disappear”, which makes true the age old axiom, less is more. The minimalist sound on the track is pure and emotional, placing a spotlight on the acoustic guitar, the keys, and Steinberg’s powerful, clean vocals. “Disappear” is a delicate song that packs a powerful punch; a truly beautiful ending to well-made EP. I can’t wait to hear what’s next for Run On The Sun. These boys are definitely making a name for themselves!
-Lauren L.

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