Secrets “The Ascent” Album Review

This album will kick your ass. With these fantastic guys at the helms of their instrumental ships, and Tom Denney formerly of A Day To Remember at the mixing board, this album will take your head and blow it. That being said let’s talk about what makes this album so raw.

The introduction to the album’s first track sounds like a rendition of some sort of industrial machine into a really nice electronic preparation for a fantastic song. Metal chugs and hella bassy everything bring out the best in this song, and entire album. 
The bass on this album is turned up further than most metal-core or post-hardcore albums are, making it sound very unique from a simply tonal stance. The clean vocals are piercing in their higher range, making them stand out in their places. The unclean vocals are very well done and very professional. These guys really know what they’re doing when it comes to making heavy music with melodic motifs. 
The lyrical grace of this album may be hard to catch for those that aren’t acclimated to listening to this type of music, however these songs are very well written with topics ranging from the questioning of an estranged father, “Father, my father/Why’d you run away from your boy” (The Best You Can’t Be), to calling out someone that clearly pissed these guys off, “I’ll end this awkward silence/ When I break apart your rib cage” (Blindside). The remainder of the lyrics have very well put together poetry, and from a literary standpoint, compare well to most if not all of the other bands in their class.
Over all, this album is a definite listener. If you dig this genre of music, you need to give these dudes a listen or ten. 

Stay Metal
-Trey T.

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