Pioneer- “Treason” Review

Recently, I was asked to check out the up and coming band, Pioneer.  At first I had my reservations upon discovering that they were a Christian rock band. I had long been under the impression that the majority of music in the Christian rock genre was lyrically uninspiring, solely about worship, and there was no possible way these bands could truly rock hard. I have to wholeheartedly say that Pioneer completely threw my Christian rock misconceptions out the door. These guys, without a doubt, make catchy music that totally rocks. Pioneer is a five piece band from Indianapolis, Indiana. The band recently signed with SlōSpeak Records, and in January they released their self-titled album and single, “Treason”, which has reached #7 on the BDS Rock Charts.

The album was truly a joy to review, and it is sure to please any fan of pop rock. Pioneer, the album, showcases the band’s passionate, energetic music along with their new found sense of maturity.  The album opens with the song “Clarity”. “Clarity” is beautifully composed, and a fitting start for the record, indeed. The harmony from the keys and acoustic guitar pair well with the mellifluous vocals that are dripping with heart-felt passion.  “Reaching” is another song that is oozing with raw emotion. The lyrics are poignant and well versed, and the clean vocals do them justice. The song is upbeat and catchy, and the melody is light and airy. “Treason” is by far my favorite off the album, and it’s not surprising that it has done well on the charts. It’s catchy, bouncy, and most importantly fun! This is a song that kids can literally get up and jump to.  “Treason” has everything that makes a great pop rock song:  awesome guitar riffs, relatable and positive lyrics, and a dynamic melody that is sure to leave a smile on anyone’s face. The album closes with “King in Rags”, a great and powerful ending to a feel good record. The song has a very ethereal feel to it, and the acoustic guitar is soothing, soft and warm. The vocals are so clean and pure, making the song undeniably easy listening.
All in all, Pioneer put out a great record, showcasing their talent and musicality.  Pioneer offers great lyrical content combined with a passionate, rock-driven sound. While many of the songs do have Christian themes, they really can resonate with everyone.  Pioneer has opened my mind to the wider possibilities of Christian rock music, and for that I am thankful. I am proud to say they’ve definitely earned themselves a new fan, and I truly cannot wait to hear what they come out with next.
-Lauren L.

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