Jacey Jasnoch Review

If you are a fan of rap, R&B, dubstep, or just good, soulful music, then you need to check out up and coming artist Jacey Jasnoch.  Jacey is a singer/songwriter based out of Ohio, and is coming out with track after track of great tunes. Jacey Jasnoch emphasizes the power of love, creating heartfelt pieces that are dripping with emotionality. Recently, he released a mixtape, a collection of ten songs, entitled One Small Step.

One Small Step is nothing short of well-crafted musicianship. It is an assemblage of lyrically, well-written songs paired with smooth vocals and undeniably cool beats. One Small Step has multiple noteworthy tracks, each with a unique sound. “No Gravity” is catchy and relatable. The beat is slick and the vocals pair well with it. It’s a beautiful song and strong start to the mix.  “Girl, You Got That” is a great piece of smooth R&B. It’s very reminiscent of 90’s soul-filled R&B and the melody seems takes you back to a different time. The lyrics have a timeless quality and are well versed. Perhaps the best track off One Small Step is “Love Is”. The song is beautifully done and the chorus is catchy and wonderful. The keyboard played in the background meshes perfectly with the melody. While some may argue that the autotune on the rap parts may be slightly distracting, it is still an all-around well-done tune. Not only has Jacey proved that he is capable of creating unique, original pieces of work, but he is capable of covering other artists as well. With his cover of Drake’s “Lovin You No More” featuring Dirty Money, Jacey was able to do the original song justice, while still taking in a creative direction and making it entirely his own.  The track has a clean flow throughout and clean vocals.
Be sure to check out One Small Step because Jacey Jasnoch is proving that he is a definite musical force to be reckoned with.
-Lauren L.

2 responses to “Jacey Jasnoch Review

  1. Kiley February 5, 2012 at 4:38 AM

    I LOVE jacey. I love his music and his stance for God. Great review of his great music

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