Q&A With TBA

Introduce yourself and tell us your role in the band.

Henry: I’m the bassist and best looking one in the band. Also I am co-founder with Andrew. Andrew is my best friend and this is how the band started. But, all in all I’m Henry Ford.

Andrew: I’m the guitarist. I have no personality. I’m just kidding get to know me and you will see why me and Henry started this band with fun and good times in mind.

Vince: I’m the new/old drummer. I started with the band when Andrew and Henry needed a drummer and at the time I didn’t have enough time for them. But, now I have enough time and I am happy to say having the best time ever and hope for it to never stop.

When and how did you guys meet?

Henry: Andrew and I meet freshman year. We became friends by high fiving. Yes, that is seriously how we started to talk. After that, that summer. We learned that both of us could play guitar and basically I said I would play bass if Andrew got me one. He did. So I learned the bass and TBA was sort of born. We didn’t have a drummer but I think Andrew can elaborate on this. 

Andrew: I knew from past experiences, that Vince was able to drum. So from that we asked him to join the band. Later that year in October we scheduled a show and we dropped because Vince had to quit. Then for a few months, we were drummer-less. So in that due time we practiced with my nephew Zach, but he wasn’t at full potential. So I tried and started asking around more for people who knew how to play drums.  I even tried from Craigslist to going to Guitar Center, but there was no luck. Little did we know that Rick lived right down the street. Thus having our time and working we set up for new goals and had higher expectations.  

Henry: we worked up 6 songs. With those 6 songs we played many shows. But we saw that after those many shows rick was limited in his playing ability. So, Andrew and I made the decision to kick rick. So, we asked Vince because now he had more time and wanted to be in a pop punk band. That is how we came to be now. Now we are working on 6 new songs so we can finish our album.  

When did you decide that you wanted to be in/ form a band?

Andrew: I always wanted to be in a band when I was younger, I always thought it would be so cool just to have fun in front of a lot of people, doing something I love and having fun with friends and telling everyone that I am in a band. I’ve tried many attempts before TBA, and I think TBA is the thing I was just looking for. 

Henry: I just knew from when I and Andrew played there was something there that I knew and still know that we are able to make great music. We both have the passion to get somewhere in this tough music world. But when I and Andrew really started to write I just knew that I wanted to form a band like TBA. 

Vince: My dad was really what made me want to be in a band. He was in the band called Ryptyde for awhile and was the guitarist. I started in a band for awhile as a guitarist but picked up the drums about 3 years ago and decided I would love to be a drummer in a band. That’s when Andrew came to me and asked if I wanted to be in a band with him and since then I’ve been committed to my drums to get better not only for myself but also for these guys and for the betterment of TBA. 

If your band was a product, what would your slogan be?

Henry: TBA, we don’t suck that bad.

Andrew: TBA, Want some cake?

Vince: TBA, you decide what it stands for. 

If you could have any one thing happen at a show of yours, what would it be? 

Henry: I think mark hoppus, from blink 182, to show up and sing bring me down. Since that song means the most to me because it’s about a bad relationship I had and it would be awesome to see my idol play and sing one of my songs.

Andrew: The one thing that I always wanted is to see a big crowed and have everyone sing a song that we wrote. It tells me that their dedicated and actually care for our band.

Vince: all the member of Blink 182 to show up to one of our shows. Then Travis teach me how to drum better. 

 If you guys could be sponsored by any one company, which would you chose?

Henry: I would like to be sponsored by converse. I love their shoes and they have some awesome cloths too.

Andrew: Probably Hurley the skate brand. It’s possibly my favorite skate brand.

Vince:  I would like to be sponsored by monster the energy drink or DC shoes. 

As a band, what is the most difficult obstacle you’ve had to overcome? How did you guys do it? 

Henry: Vince’s farting problem. It causes quite a bit of drama and smelly-ness only because it’s hard to concentrate when it smells horrible around him. So I and Andrew both carry frebreez in our gig bags and guitar cases it helps a lot to get the smell away. But yeah, seriously have no drummer for the most of our career as a band hurt us quite a bit.

Andrew: Probably having no drummer for awhile, the only way we dealt with it was by trying to playing music off the PA system

Vince: we annoy each other at times, but not only that it’s us being so busy with work and sports but we just make time for the band because we love it so much and it’s our calling 

Which member is most likely to get caught in an awkward situation during a show?

      All: Probably Henry, only because, he doesn’t shut up 

Some bands have certain things they always bring on tour, like a tour dog or something special from home, how about you guys?

      Henry: well we haven’t been on tour yet so if we could have something it would be our monkey we started with him and we shall end with him

      Andrew: I agree with Henry. The monkey has been there with us since the start

      Vince: I agree, but I have no sentimental feelings to the monkey

 Does drama ever break out between you guys from being together so often?

All: yes, we have our “drama battles”. But, we always overcome because we know what is best for the band and stupid drama should not get in the way of good music.

Which bands have had the most influence on your music or your way of writing?

All: not Blink 182 obviously. But seriously blink 182 is the main influence because they have a great model for a pop punk style. If you have heard us you can hear why we chose them as our influence. 

 What is your writing process?

All: Henry and Andrew write the material. Vince is just there and does what he is told. Andrew and Henry stay up late writing lyrics and riffs and such. We get the best results at 3 AM. We don’t know why but we have a new song that we think is going to be great. Vince helps sometimes with lyrics and riffs with Andrew. Henry writes all the bass.


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