Myles Marcus Review

I can say that I’ve never personally been a huge fan of pop music, but the new single by Myles Marcus has definitely got me jumping. Myles Marcus is an unsigned pop, R&B artist from Spartus, New Jersey. What’s unique about this vocal powerhouse Jersey boy is he’s only 18! His new single “Jump”, produced with rapper Roy Royalty Hamilton, is proving that this kid is a music force to be reckoned with.  

“Jump” is a pop, R&B song that is sure to please pop music fans. “Jump” has all things that a good pop song needs: great vocals, memorable lyrics, and a good beat. The chorus is absolutely catchy and the beat makes you want to get up and dance. Myles Marcus’ vocals are absolutely wonderful, and the boy proves he has some powerful pipes. Marcus’ crisp and clear voice is perfectly matched to a bouncy beat making “Jump” seem ready for the clubs. With “Jump”, Myles Marcus is definitely making it clear to the pop, R&B community that he’s someone to watch for. I’m sure that if Myles can continue to crank out tunes like “Jump”, we’ll be hearing him on the radio soon! 
-Lauren L.

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