AT&T – “You’ve Got A Case” Smartphone Argument Review

AT&T has teamed up with the infinitely hilarious Will Arnett (30 Rock, The Rocker) to bring even more joy to the holiday season.  Kids, or even some parents, can create a video through AT&T’s Facebook page that resembles a law case as a plea for a new smart phone for Christmas called “You’ve Got A Case.”

It’s simple and quick. Even the process of waiting for the video to be created with personal nuances comes with the entertainment that Arnett provides. 
The clever use of personal choice of phone and the user’s profile picture adds a nice touch to the argument. It also allows you to either post on your own wall or the person you’re begging to buy a new phone’s wall. And who could say no to Will Arnett’s impeccable lawyer portrayal?
Even if parents have already bought Christmas presents, you can bet that they’ll remember the video. They might even be persuaded to buy the phone for themselves. Which, in turn, could be put in the hands of the children as phone updates come into play once again.
Give it a shot. Even if you don’t want the phone, the video can give you a nice giggle.
I received a 4G Vivid Smartphone from AT&T for my time and participation but all opinions written here are my own.
-Ashleigh M.

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