Walking Sideways “Innocent Mistake” Review.

If you are a fan of the Stone Temple Pilots, you need to check out Walking Sideways. The four piece rock band from Long Island, NY boasts a pure and emotional sound that is reminiscent of STP.  Playing many venues in the Long Island area, Walking Sideways is gathering a following of loyal fans. With a powerful combination of grungy, hard rock riffs and unwavering melodies, Walking Sideways is demanding attention from the world of alternative, hard rock.
The band’s newly released single, “Innocent Mistake”, showcases their many talents and musical artistry.  The song captures Walking Sideways’ signature with solid and unique guitar rhythms and drum beats.  The melodic overtones mesh well with the harder guitar riffs and metal influences.  While the song is musically intricate and appealing, it is lyrically captivating as well.  The phrase “come back to me” is hauntingly cooed at the end of each chorus, adding a layer of unnerving emotion to the single.  The lyrics are pure poetry set to music.
Walking Sideways’ single “Innocent Mistake” is an expressive work of artistic musicality. If the band can continue to create passionate tracks like “Innocent Mistake”, they are sure to go very far in the alternative music scene. I look forward to hearing more from Walking Sideways, and hopefully a full length EP is in the works. 
-Lauren L.

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